Virtual Assistants

Consumers want authentic and relevant conversations with brands that aren’t pre-planned. However, most businesses are ill-equipped to handle those conversations, particularly in real-time.

It starts with customers receiving helpful and timely information that then leads to a desired outcome; educating, capturing a lead or triggering a sale. By providing the right information at the right time, customers are more engaged and remain longer with a brand digitally, building trust.

50+% increase in time spent with their brand.

Iris is a real-time conversational AI solution that helps to scale real-time conversations regardless of channel. And with Iris’ analytical platform, you get critical insights around average conversation length, online paths taken and conversation topics. Unlike other competitive alternatives, current clients have seen a 50+% increase in time spent on their brand by delivering real-time conversations, bringing more immediacy and an improved customer experience.

Virtual Assistants
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