Brands can do a fair bit with 280 characters. Now, they can do a whole lot more...

Whether it’s growing your customer base, pushing new products, or building brand loyalty, generate better outcomes from your Twitter marketing campaigns using conversational AI.

Build targeted audience groups for your content in just one step, seamlessly automate and personalise the content you distribute, and measure the results to guide future campaigns.

Trusted by major brands around the world

Brands using Marketing Automation for Twitter

Working with Iris was great — the system was easy to use, the team was helpful, and we were able to add additional trigger tweets to the battleground states to help drive more engagement and earn a retweet from @BarackObama.

Emily Keller, Social Media Director, Democratic National Committee
Brands using Marketing Automation for Twitter
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Campaign Pain

Engaging an audience at scale on Twitter can be time consuming, costly and challenging. That’s not to mention that the campaigns that brands do run are usually too generic to influence people anyway.

The reality is that executing Twitter marketing campaigns can leave some companies feeling #frustrated. What brands are looking for is the ability to conduct campaigns with...


For customers, time is precious. From travel alerts to special offers, automatically share relevant content with them within milliseconds - keeping them up to speed at all times.


Whether your brand receives ten or ten thousand replies to its Twitter posts, interact with your audience intelligently and instantaneously, whenever and wherever.


Grow your reach and popularity in a whole new way. Deliver complex campaigns, without creating an extra burden on your teams and engage your audience like never before.


Your customers don’t want to wade through generic content. They want content tailored to them. Personalise your posts at scale and drive increased customer satisfaction.


As Easy As 1-2-3...

We help brands conduct Twitter marketing campaigns that truly resonate with their customers. It all starts with three simple steps:

  1. Build segmented audience groups by creating a ‘trigger tweet’
  2. Allow users to opt-in to groups by responding to your ‘trigger tweet’
  3. Share tailored content with your different groups for truly effective engagement

Worth Tweeting About

Our marketing automation for Twitter offers all the features you need to make your campaigns a success:

  • Create multiple trigger tweets
  • Give opt-in options: @mentions, #hashtags, emojis, likes, retweets
  • Import media, cards and URLs
  • Create tailored content for different geographies
  • Select different time zones, start and end dates
  • Schedule broadcasts
  • Analyse campaigns on a single dashboard
  • Learn with our detailed reporting capabilities
  • Implement brand safety tools: The Block List and Profanity List
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind with GDPR compliance
  • Offer opt-out capabilities

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Campaigns are used by @brands on Twitter to engage with audience in an interactive way, extending the capabilities offered by Twitter.

Supported Timeline Campaigns

  • #Hashtag Auto Response
  • Like / Retweet Auto Response
  • Like / Retweet to Remind
  • Like / Retweet to Subscribe
  • Developer Proxima
  • Version v2.0
  • Tags Twitter Conversational Marketing Premium App
  • Documentation
v2.0 23 February 2021
  • New interface
  • Rulesets
  • #hashtag + Emoji Triggers
  • Block list
  • Profanity List
  • Live metrics
  • PDF reports
  • Partner tools
v0.9.1 11 July 2019
  • Allow Partners to set TPS
  • Stop a sending Broadcast
  • Send now allows a Broadcast to be sent immediately
  • Create draft Broadcast with no scheduled date / time
  • Export hashed audience to CSV
  • Conclude finished campaigns
  • Partner Status
  • Partners can override opt-out
  • Campaign audit logging

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