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#NBAPlayoff season has started and we’ve been busy rolling out the below for the @NBA so that their fans can get all of the latest updates on results and gameplay from the pros 🏀🏀🏀

Built on Iris using our like to subscribe feature, fans will get notifications direct to their feeds from the NBA. If you’ve got a big event coming up or want to stay in touch with your supporters shoot us a line to discuss how Iris can help.

Twitter Moments (US)


No doubt there’ll be some wild moments in the upcoming US election! And now, more than ever, it’s important for voters to have their say and know how to do so!

We’ve teamed up with @TwitterMoments for the US 2020 Election to bring you helpful voting PSA’s that go straight into your notifications. Built using Iris, this campaign will help you find out about registering to vote and understanding your options and ballot.

To find out how we’ve done it or more info on how to better engage your customers and supporters by providing them direct messages and details, get in touch!

@SpotifyKDaebak #SpotifyxSuperM #ThisIsSuperM


Today we launched our latest campaign with @SpotifyKDaebak in the lead up to the release of #SpotifyxSuperM #ThisIsSuperM.

A ❤️ to remind and receive updates on the album campaign and built using Iris.ci it's running in 3 languages (Tagalog, Malay and Bahasa) across South East Asia for SuperM fans and Spotify followers 🎶. Check out the link below to see how it works - this one's in Bahasa Indonesia.

R U OK?Day 2020


R U OK?Day is dedicated to reminding Australians that every day is the right day to check in with someone. And today we’re proud to be launching our campaign with them to help drive its awareness and reach.

The first of it’s kind in Australia, this campaign built on Iris, brings together a ‘like to remind’ feature with links to digital resources for having conversations, and our ‘threadventure’ where you can practice your responses with our bot on Twitter and get tips a long the way.

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least, with everyone experience mental health stresses and challenges so hit the like button on the link below and say ‘R U OK?’ to someone you know.

League of Legends Championship Series


@LCSOfficial has announced the winner for their #LCS Summer #HondaMVP award last week.

League of Legends Championship Series hosted the campaign via our DM voting bot on Twitter. The campaign, built on Iris Conversational AI allowed users to vote once a day for their favourite e-sport team during the Championship Series, share their vote and get notified about the winners.

Check out the experience in the video!

O2 UK Twitter Threadventure

O2 in the UK

When Boris Johnson ordered the nation to stay home, streaming services in the UK saw more than 4.6m new subscribers 🍿💻. That’s a lot of people looking for something to watch and the competition to capture their attention is now more fierce than ever.

Together with streaming service @O2UK we built an innovative DIY adventure experience on Twitter – a threadventure – a personalised and fun experience to help O2UK’s customers find the perfect film for them to watch.

The campaign, built with Iris, is paired with a Twitter media buying strategy that is now in front of thousands of existing and potential customers.

To find out how you can use Iris to break through to new audiences and create a personalised experience for you customers get in touch today!

Xbox ANZ Twitter Title Auto Response

Xbox ANZ

Our social lives might be a little limited right now but that just means more time for gaming, right? That’s why we’ve partnered with @XboxANZ to help you find your new favourite game 🎮🖥.

Built with Iris.ci, this auto response hashtag campaign on twitter will help followers find over 300 titles based on their console and genre preferences.

Hit reply and pop in your emoji preferences below with the hashtag #AskXboxGamePass to check it out.

If you'd like to know more about how Iris can help you reach more customers and build innovative campaigns across your social channels, then get in touch today!

Happy gaming!

Bloomberg Twitter US Election News Alerts


Check our latest project with @Business.

The 2020 US election is going to be unlike any other and now, thanks to Iris, you can be notified about key developments in the race directly from Bloomberg on Twitter.

We're proud to be supporting high quality journalism and the ability to access it during these times. If you’d like to know more about this project or how Iris can help you create more meaningful conversations with your customers, get in touch!

#DemConverntion Live Stream on Twitter

2020 #DemConvention

The Democratic Convention starts today and we're excited to announce that we've partnered with them to bring you all of the latest updates as soon as they happen.

Notifications for when live-streams and other events happen + the latest developments straight to their supporters on Twitter with thanks to Iris.

Hit ❤️ on the link below to be notified as soon as it starts.

If you'd like to know more about how Iris works or how you could use it to build more meaningful conversations with your supporters get in touch today!

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