Proxima has announced the results of campaigns conducted through the firm’s Iris Conversational AI platform (‘Iris’) by the Democratic National Committee (‘DNC’) in the recent U.S. Presidential Election.

The Democratic National Convention is one of, if not the, premier event in the DNC's calendar outside of election day. Over fifty thousand spectators were expected to attend the event, but due to COVID-19 DNC had to reshape the way their event was held. They had to run a whole new format online and find new ways to engage supporters. This is where Iris' like-to-subscribe campaign came in - helping the DNC and their sister organisation, Democratic National Convention Committee, to build momentum for the event through Twitter. When the convention launched, their supporters were right there with them (over 28 million Americans tuned in to the event digitally or by television this year, “shattering” viewing records).

With a record number choosing to vote by mail or vote absentee as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rules for doing so changing from state to state, the DNC also used Iris to provide accurate, localised information to voters on a national scale. Conducting a Like-to-Subscribe campaign on Twitter, users were encouraged to subscribe for state-specific election updates by liking an initial trigger tweet. Campaigns were then coordinated through Iris to ensure that the correct broadcasts were sent to voters based on their state and timezone.

With a record number of votes cast in the 2020 U.S. Election, the DNC implemented Iris as part of a highly effective social media strategy to inform and mobilise voters - particularly in key battleground states. The two campaigns carried out using Iris involved over 100,000 tweets, saving time for the team and maximising the reach and relevance of the campaign nation-wide.

Working with Iris was great. We were able to push the boundaries of what’s been done to date to digitally reach voters, which was extremely important during the pandemic. Iris was easy to use, the team was helpful, and we were able to add additional trigger tweets to the battleground states to help drive more engagement and earn a retweet from Barack Obama.

Commenting on the DNC’s partnership with Proxima, Emily Keller, Social Media Director, Democratic National Committee

Twitter partnered with us during the 2016 election, hence the DNC knew that we were the only provider that could help them conduct these two campaigns with such scale and precision. With the pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for candidates and voters alike, we are delighted that Iris helped to provide voters with the resources and information they needed to cast their vote in record numbers.

Sebastian Pedavoli CEO, Proxima

Learn more about this customer success story by visiting U.S. Election 2020: Helping Engage Voters At Scale.

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